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An update because end of March.

An update because end of March.featured

Sooooo I definitely failed to take into account how busy these first couple of months of the year would be, but here we are, on the other side and still standing! Rather than committing to a single topic, I’m just going to go stream of consciousness here and hit a few topics – bear with Read more

Thinking about fear of failure and anxiety.

Thinking about fear of failure and anxiety.featured

I remember this one time in high school when I decided I wanted to play trombone in the jazz band. I know, I know… no big deal, except that I didn’t play trombone. I played French horn. And yet, I borrowed an instrument, had a friend help out with rudimentary slide positions, and dragged that trombone into Read more

Complex Traditions and Christmas Ponderings

Complex Traditions and Christmas Ponderingsfeatured

Singing Christmas carols is probably my #1 favorite thing to do in the entire world. Take a step beyond that, and things get a little complicated. My mother was born in Taiwan and graduated high school in Korea, my grandparents are Roman Catholic, Buddhist, and Southern Baptist, and my aunt’s family is Jewish. In addition to Read more

Happy November: Making Memories

Happy November: Making Memoriesfeatured

Serious question. Having this… And these… Dangling down at the end near this overgrown tree: Oh, and most importantly… still up the day after trick or treaters saw these: … does that make me proactive or seriously deficient at life? Does your answer change if I tell you that I never took them down last Read more

Tuesday Dinner Success: Intent vs. Reality

Tuesday Dinner Success: Intent vs. Realityfeatured

A late afternoon cold pressed juice and the best of intentions. I’ll go get a couple of miles in before cooking a homemade meal, I thought to myself. Then, a line of cars sucked the life out of almost every single last good idea. And a pile of dishes killed the very last straggling good Read more