About Me

Hi!  My name is Cassiopeia Guthrie and I’m a working mama, wife, theater-buff, teacher-turned-publicist, and professional babywearer. I live in San Diego with my hubby David, sons Xander and Jasper, and two sweet, aging wheaten terriers.

This blog started as a place to keep it real after experiencing the roller coaster of newborn years, toddlerhood, sibling rivalry, food allergies, breastfeeding concerns, hospital and home birth, and a stack of dishes so high that I just wanted to turn the other way and reach for a paper plate instead. Yet what was originally envisioned to be primarily a babywearing community resource has somehow altered course, just as my own motherhood journey has.

Through the past handful of years of briefly testing the waters of SAHM-hood, and then balancing a working mother’s life, while navigating the road of U.S. parenting culture, there was always one tool (one secret, if you will) that never let me down: babywearing. And I found myself wondering: why don’t more people know about this tool? And then I ran across another secret tool, and another.  And the reality is that secrets don’t benefit anyone.

Cassiopeia in her office

Borrowed babes

Parenthood is hard, but less so when we love on each other. So now, even as my children have grown – as I’ve moved from the original intent of this blog to include more of my life *right now* with older kids, I still feel like there is a need for this voice.  So here you’ll find family fun, parenting resources, my thoughts on politics, religion, the world, photography, the arts, film, and fashion – little snippets of me I’ve left behind in the mistakes I’ve made, picked up in the things I’ve learned, and all of the moments I’ve brought here because I find them energizing, heartbreaking, empowering, or just plain funny.

If you’re interested in collaborating/advertising/sharing photos or a story, hit Connect in the menu. And either way, thank you for being here. Moms. Dads. Grandparents. Those who work. Those who stay home. Bloggers. Photographers. Babywearers. Tired people everywhere. Your voice, photos, love, and hectic moments matter.