Calendars, more calendars, notebooks, and all things lovely.

Calendars, more calendars, notebooks, and all things lovely.featured

I have a confession to make. I am in a longstanding love affair. With office supplies.

Oh, come now; I know you’re rolling your eyes right about now, but you guys…

A. I am a former teacher.
B. I work in publicity/social media/content creation.
C. I love lists.

I mean, of course I’m always going to have a Sharpie pen, mechanical pencil, and highlighter on me. And a notebook. And four calendars. This should be a given, am I right?

But really, I’m on a lifelong quest to find the perfect planner and I feel like the last day of the year is the perfect time to chat about it, is it not?

You guys, here’s my fave-calendar criteria:

  • it must have vertical weeks across a two-page spread… which are not broken down by hours in the day
  • it must have an at-a-glance monthly calendar with room to write important family dates
  • it should have space for goal setting
  • it should be cover bound, not wire bound
  • it should be conducive to daily bullets, bujo style

So, without further ado, these were my top planners from 2016 as I enter 2017:

3. Orange Circle Studio Just Right Planner in Secret Garden

  • What I love: This gorgeous planner was an impulse buy at Pigment (story of my life), but has served me well! The pages are wide and open, there’s not a lot of fluff stuff (I have NEVER used a conversion chart in a calendar!), and it has a bonus envelope section in the back that is big enough to hold bills, notes to myself, or even a checkbook! Plus, it’s a 17 month planner and good til next December!
  • What I miss: No weekly means this is always a secondary planner for me, accompanying a bullet journal. I need that space for checklists, to separate my personal and work responsibilities, and to note teeball practices for the boys!
  • Where you can get this: I bought mine here, but you can still find this calendar here for $12.99.

2. Orange Circle Studio Mini Monthly

  • What I love: This little beauty is purse-sized – it’s like a pocket version of the big one I love so much! Your first impression is of this gorgeous watercolor theme, which carries from the cover and into the stunningly designed pages. 17 months again.
  • What I miss: While this is perfect for at-a-glance needs, it is small at 4.5 x 6.5″, making it great for keeping a category of your content (i.e. family necessities like my rehearsal schedule and birthdays), but again necessitating another option for the lists that may or may not consume your life like they consume mine.
  • Where you can get this: My version is from Barnes & Noble; here’s a direct link to the calendar on the designer’s website for $6.99.

1. Gallery Leather Family Planner 2016-2017

  • What I love: Oh man… what don’t I love? This is my 4th planner of this exact type, and every single one makes my heart happy! The Professional and Family versions each have slightly different layouts – check them both out before you decide. Three of my four have been Family Planners, not because I like the added family features (a space for info, insurance, birthdays, blah blah blah), but because I love the vertical format of each week. These have plenty of space for all of your needs, a really nice handfeel, and a smooth, elegant cover.
  • What I miss: This is a pretty big planner (think notebook sized), and yet it’s missing the month-at-a-glance that I totally need for planning purposes. If this calendar had that onnnnnneeeee little addition, I don’t think I’d ever stray again! Oh, and nitpicky, but I don’t need those pesky hours, so I usually write right over them. Not a determining factor in my enjoyment of this planner whatsoever.
  • Where you can get this: My version is from Barnes & Noble in teal, but do yourself a favor and go swoon over all of the planner deliciousness on their website, which can even be custom engraved. $19.95.

And special honors goes to this duo which I’ve added to the mix to kickstart my 2017 off right…

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner + Orange Circle Studio Tiny Weekly

  • What I love: Sometimes simplicity is best. For transitioning from the end of a very busy 2016 to keeping ducks in a row through the start of 2017, this combo has been treating me well so far! The Orange Circle Studio pocket weekly is the perfect size to fit in my favorite bag, so I don’t hesitate to carry it with me and it makes it easy to reference as needed. The Productivity Planner is an inspiring little number – from quotes to time-tracking for projects, it’s a great tool for hashing out top priorities and checking up on progress later.
  • Where you can get this: The Productivity Planner can be picked up at AnthropologiePaper Source, or other retailers ($24.95), and the Orange Circle Studio planner is available here for $9.99.

What’s your favorite planner or calendar to use?

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Cassiopeia is a storyteller, working mama, and babywearing educator. Beginning her career as a K-12 teacher, she found her life hitting an utter standstill when her oldest son was born and, as a result of her motherhood experiences, became deeply involved in the babywearing community shortly thereafter. She now works and volunteers within the babywearing industry, and fills her teacher's bucket by offering workshops and classes on educational topics throughout Southern California.

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