Goodbye threenager… hello, four.

Goodbye threenager… hello, four.featured

This morning, I woke up to my baby boy cuddled in close, except it turns out he’s not a baby anymore.

“I’m a big boy now, mama.” Yes, little love. Yes, you certainly are.

Four years ago today, he came into the world so quickly our midwives nearly missed it, so fiercely I wasn’t able to make it to the birth tub, and so simply that we settled into our routine as a family of four in a near-effortless way, drifting to sleep in bed together just a couple of hours later.

My little guy, who has to be cajoled to eat most things, but could live on granola bars and strawberries, has overcome the challenges that landed him in surgery under anesthesia just a year and a half back. He’s become quite the conversationalist, singing and talking at all hours, when not too long ago, he was in speech therapy. While he still has a deep, abiding love for Buzz Lightyear, it has been joined by an attachment to Peter Potter… his version of Harry Potter + Peter Parker, combined.

And oh, he’s a handful. He’s the guy who will run wildly from room to room in socks with a blindfold on… please, please… don’t slip on the laminate floors…

Jasper’s already experienced love (his girlfriend, Samantha), loss (she moved to Texas), and the intricacies of child relationships (on-again off-again besties in his preschool class). He’s a little human and he’s amazing.

In honor of his birthday, I wanted to revive his birth story, for those who love them. Read or not; I’ll leave that to you.

Jasper, sweetness, I hope your birthday is everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

Love, Mama


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Cassiopeia is a storyteller, working mama, and babywearing educator. Beginning her career as a K-12 teacher, she found her life hitting an utter standstill when her oldest son was born and, as a result of her motherhood experiences, became deeply involved in the babywearing community shortly thereafter. She now works and volunteers within the babywearing industry, and fills her teacher's bucket by offering workshops and classes on educational topics throughout Southern California.

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