Tuesday Dinner Success: Intent vs. Reality

Tuesday Dinner Success: Intent vs. Realityfeatured

A late afternoon cold pressed juice and the best of intentions. I’ll go get a couple of miles in before cooking a homemade meal, I thought to myself.
Then, a line of cars sucked the life out of almost every single last good idea.
And a pile of dishes killed the very last straggling good intent remaining.
It’s cool! Let’s be flexible! Change of plan and the newest winning meal… starting with something green:
Oh, who are we kidding?? Packaged protein and potatoes today.
Only one clean pan? I can WORK with that!¬† I can even repurpose that knife…
No, dude. You can’t have a banana. Dinner will be done in 7-9 minutes. Really! That’s it, according to this package right here. Just play with both of those Finns. Sure, or draw. Sure, do both.
That’s a very nice jet. With wheels.
Shall we set the table? Perfect.
Paper plates
Of course I can help you wipe. I’m on it. Super mama.
Toilet Paper
¬†Wait, what’s that? Is that seriously a bandage on the cabinet above the sink? I mean… they AREN’T STICKERS. And even if they were, we don’t put stickers on the furniture.
Oh, and that stripe of yellow paint tells me that apparently my painting work was as good as my dinner… oh no! The dinner!!!!!
Guess that was about 9.5 minutes. Not quite enough flipping. No, sweetie, that spot is just extra flavor.
I’ll use this kiddie fork. It’s clean.
Kiddie Fork
And one-up that. Fancy crystal because TUESDAY. And everyone is still alive.

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Cassiopeia is a storyteller, working mama, and babywearing educator. Beginning her career as a K-12 teacher, she found her life hitting an utter standstill when her oldest son was born and, as a result of her motherhood experiences, became deeply involved in the babywearing community shortly thereafter. She now works and volunteers within the babywearing industry, and fills her teacher's bucket by offering workshops and classes on educational topics throughout Southern California.

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