The Birth of My Blog

The Birth of My Blogfeatured

I have noticed a pattern in my moods. Each time one of my children turns one, I get the fever. I need another baby. Ah! Does it ever stop? Right now I’m trying to figure out if it’s just something I feel because I love babies or if I actually do WANT one. Having another would not be what’s best for us so even if I do want one, we won’t do it but I’d still appreciate some clarity around here. Anyway, my point of all this rambling is, since I will not be loving on a fourth (person) baby, I thought I’d finally birth the (blog) baby I’ve been growing inside me.

This blog was inspired by my experience with babywearing, something that makes me feel a bit like a superhero of a parent. Without babywearing, my life as a self-employed photographer and mother of three young children would not have been possible. I’m here to help EVERY parent feel superhero-ish through babywearing education and the introduction of other cool stuff that makes the experience of parenthood richer.

Here’s a picture of one of my early babywearing days. She was probably too heavy for this carrier but we were both feeling great and that’s worth something! It’s awesome to look back at all I’ve learned about parenting in general. I can’t believe she’ll have her 6th birthday this summer. Wow.


Thank you for being here!

Hugs. <3


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Chrystal, founder of Free Hands Full Heart, is a commercial & portrait photographer, photography teacher/mentor, and mother of three. She loves sharing what she's learned in both parenting and photography and hopes that this blog serves to encourage and celebrate parents from all around the world.

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